5 Dog Activities to Celebrate the First Day of Summer

dog on beach with ball

When summer rolls around you might dream of weekends at the beach, family vacations, or maybe simply enjoying a relaxing evening breeze on your patio as you sip on something refreshing. What about your dog? What summer activities do you think your dog dreams about when the season starts to turn up the heat? 

Spending special time with your dog helps build trust and strengthen your relationship. Therefore, treat your dog to some fun-filled summer adventures and quality time by participating in activities together. You can even take your pooch along with you on a classic road trip if that’s your cup of tea. You know your dog best, so think about his personality and decide how you and your pup can best spend your time together in the summer. 

  1. Take a Beach Hike. You could take a hike in the woods, but you can also hike with your dog along the beach and let him frolic in the surf and sand. Bring a ball or frisbee along to toss around with your pup and pack a picnic to enjoy.
  2. Explore a Farmer’s Market. Why not get some shopping done with you pal at your side? Many farmer’s markets are okay with dogs coming along for the visit as long as you keep your pal on a leash. Some vendors might even have a special treat for your pup.
  3. Dog-Friendly Dining. There are a number of different restaurants that welcome dogs and offer patio seating. Take your dog out for some al fresco dining and enjoy a beautiful day together as you people (and pup) watch.
  4. Catch a Movie. A drive-in movie, that is. If you live in an area that has a drive-in, check with the theater to see if they welcome pups. Many theaters are fine with your dog enjoying the show as long as he stays on a leash with you.
  5. Make an Icy Treat. Dogs love to eat things that are cold, especially when it’s hot outside, so how about making some doggy pupsicles, or a “pup cup” of shaved ice?!