Dog-Friendly Easter Ideas

Dog-Friendly Easter Ideas

Dogs love to celebrate holidays, too. Check out our dog-friendly Easter ideas below! Your dog will have a doggone good time.

Easter Doggie

  • EASTER BASKET - Making an Easter Basket is so much fun, especially when it's for your pup! Fill the basket with their favorite dog biscuits, bones or chews, holiday toys, tennis balls, a new blanket, and most importantly - the best pet food of all! Find more Easter Basket essentials here.
  • EGG HUNT - Kids & adults alike love playing this long-time traditional lawn game. Set up a dog-friendly version by hiding your dog's favorite treats inside eggs and hide them around the yard and watch the fun ensure in Ready, Set, WOOF!
  • CARROT SNACK - Peter Cottontail isn't the only one who loves to chew on carrots. Carrots are a great snack that is healthy for your pup and is a natural way to clean plaque off their teeth. If you give your dog a chew, it's best to have plenty of fresh water nearby and to supervise their chewing to ensure safety at all times.
  • BUNNY HIDE & SEEK - Did you know dogs like to play hide and seek? Get the kids involved and "hop" around the house and have your dog look for you - if he finds you, be sure to reward them with praise!
  • FESTIVE PHOTOSHOOT - Grab those bunny ears and fluffy's time for a spring photoshoot! Capture the memories for the 'gram, the photos will make you smile for years to come.


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