Halloween Pet Safety

Halloween Pet Safety

While celebrating Halloween this year may be quite different than what you are used to, here are some helpful pet safety tips to keep in mind while enjoying safe festivities for the season. Keep these important tips in mind to ensure everyone has a scary good time! Safety first, always friends.

Halloween Pet Safety Tips

Vampire Dog

DO choose a comfortable costume. If you are planning on dressing your pet this year, make sure they can walk and see comfortably to avoid getting hurt.

DON'T use a real candle in your pumpkin (Fire hazard for kids & pets). Opt for a flameless candle instead.

DO take precaution. With daylight saving time, be sure to carry a flashlight with you as it's getting darker earlier in the fall months. When in doubt, stick to well-lit areas to stay safe.

DON'T give candy or chocolate to your pets. Leave Halloween candy where pets can get it. See all Halloween Dangers for Pets.

DO make sure your pets ID tags are up to date! Pets tend to get lost on Halloween.

DON'T leave pets near the front door, but keep them away from the door or restrain pets if your home gets trick or treaters.

DO keep your dog on a leash if taken outside on October 31st on a Halloween walk. Light up leashes & collars are great, too!

DON'T forget to have a scary good time!

Here's to a safe Halloween for all.

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