Happy Independence Day

Happy Independence Day

Happy Independence Day from your Nature's Select Family!

We are proud to be a patriotic company, with all of our pet food products made right here in the USA using locally sourced ingredients within 80 miles of our plant in Texas.

Mid America Plant Flag

Some fun facts about the big American flag that waves outside of our manufacturing plant in Mt Pleasant, TX:

  • It is the BIGGEST flag in East Texas!
  • Measures 80 feet by 40 feet
  • Weights approximately 168 pounds
  • Proudly waves all year round to all who pass by
  • We go through 4 flags per year, switching it out each season.

We hope everyone has a wonderful time celebrating America's birthday this weekend. Have fun with family & friends, be safe out there, and be sure to rock your red, white, and blue best! 

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