June Newsletter

June Newsletter

The First Day of Summer is Wednesday June 21st!

Be sure to tag us in your pet's "dog days of summer" photos over on Instagram! Tag us @naturesselectpetfood and include #NaturesSelectDog to be featured. If you notice your pet eating less this time of year don't worry, as it's normal for our dogs to eat less in the summer months. Make sure your pet has plenty of clean, fresh water daily and access to shade to escape the heat. Be sure to keep pesky summertime pests away from your pet's food bowl too...ants and critters are common this time of year! Find more helpful summertime tips on our blog here. Questions? Call us weekdays Mon-Fri from 7am to 4pm PST at 714-993-5500 or email us for assistance. You're also welcome to order online anytime by visiting our website at NaturesSelectShop.com



Meet Reef the Lab! Reef is a rescued Chocolate Labrador Retriever! He is a bundle of energy and LOVES the water. If he's not swimming in a pool or the ocean, then he's likely on a walk or playing fetch with his favorite ball!! Reef enjoys our Select New Zealand Recipe. Be sure to follow his adventures on Instagram: @ReefTheLab


Summer snacks

It's hot outside...time to heat things up by treating your pup to a NEW summertime snack to keep their tastebuds cool! Check out our featured products for the summer season now. Shop Summertime Snacks >> 

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