Keep Pets Cool

Keep Pets Cool

Summer months are full of heat waves and warm temperatures. See below for some simple precautions that will keep your pet cool throughout the season!

How to Keep Pets Cool this Summer

Hydration is key - Ensure that your pet always has plenty of fresh water available at all times, especially before you leave the house. If your pet has access to the outdoors, water should be available outside as well. It's important to replace the water a couple times a day.

Keep the house cool - Make sure that your pet(s) are comfortable throughout the day inside the house by closing blinds and curtains during the day. If you have a fan or A/C, make sure it's comfortable enough for your pets indoors.

Air Flow - Wherever your pet spends the most time in the house should be well ventilated. A floor or ceiling fan can also improve air flow to avoid stuffy spaces.

Provide ample shade - Your pet should always have a way to escape the summer sun when outdoors. Trees, canopies or table umbrellas can all do the trick just fine! A dog house, however, isn’t a good option, since they tend to trap heat. Remember that shade travels through the day, so be sure to plan accordingly.

Protect pet paws - Not sure if the ground is too hot for your pet to walk on? A good tip: place the back of your hand on the ground. If you can't leave it down for more than a second without pain or discomfort, then remember it's too hot for paw pads! Manmade materials like asphalt, wood and even artificial turf can all get extremely hot. Your dog should have a soft and cool substance, such as soil or natural grass, to lie on outside.

Never leave your dog tied up outside - Leashes and ropes can get tangled, preventing your dog from reaching water and shade. If you need to have them on a leash, be sure it's only for a short term time period and keep them out of the heat and sun with plenty of fresh water available.

NEVER leave your pets in the car - Heatstroke can occur if you leave your pet unattended in your car even for a few minutes. Never leave your pet in a car since the interior temperature rises very quickly, even on mild days. If it's too hot for you or a child, it's too hot for pets! If you aren't sure if you should, it's probably better to leave your pets at home while you run "quick" errands to avoid any problems.

Groom for summer - Create a summer grooming routine for your pet based on their breed and/or hair type. If you have a dog that grows continuous hair, be sure to give them a "summer cut" to get rid of extra layers that may make them too hot in the summer months. If you aren't sure what to do or how to do it, contact a professional dog groomer that you trust to help find what will work best for you pup! 


These simple steps will let you rest easy that your best buddy is comfortable and safe in your home, no matter what happens. Summer Safety to ensure a happy season for you and your pets!

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