Longtime Customers

Longtime Customers

We have had the honor of serving pet lovers from Orange County, California, since the very beginning as "Paul's Pet Food Delivery Express" when we started the business back in 1994. Hear from some of them below as they wish us a Happy Birthday as we celebrate 27 years of business this month!

Longtime Nature's Select Customers

"I am one of the original customers. I started with Paul when he was at the Orange County Swap meet trying to get some new customers. He passed out samples and my dog Tillie really liked it. So the following week I went back to the swap meet and placed my first order. It couldn't be  any easier in ordering and having it delivered. And yes I still use the white container with Paul's Pet Food Express on the outside. In the early days when I would call in my order Paul would answer the call and we would chat about how everything was going and about the dog. Great memories." - Lee & Michele De Boer



"Congrats on a successful 27 years. We have been with you back when Paul was making deliveries him self, through a couple of generations of dogs as witnessed by our bucket We have always enjoyed your service and as long as we have dogs and your around you will be the our choice." - Douglas David

Original Paul's Pet Food Bucket


"I saw a small sandwich board for pet food on Orangethorpe Ave in Fullerton, CA, over 10 years ago. I stopped in and began to feed my Zoey all natural Nature's Select. I preferred pick up since I worked close by and the excellent customer service of Suzanne. Zoey is now a senior dog with Cancer and the vet directly attributes her still being with us on the good diet. Thank you Paul and his faithful staff for the many unforgettable memories with our Zoey." - Robert Harvey

Old Gal Zoey Dog


"Hi to all of you, seeing that I am 73 years old I have had a lot of dogs. I have had 4 English Cream Labs. After a lot of trial and error and working with your employees, my current lab Shelby is a happy girl. Your team gave us small bags of food so we could find the right combination for her. She is now happy with more fish and less rice. Over the years Nature's Select is the only food I will give to my dogs. Thank You for always finding the answer for my dogs. They have all been healthy and I know it's because they only are fed this pet food. I had to go and get Shelby fed or she would let me know she was ready for food. Thank you all for being there for my healthy girls."  - Gaye Elo

Hungry Pup with Bowl


"We met Paul at Newhall park when he was giving away free small packets of their dog food. My dogs loved it and their coats changed to being shinier and prettier. I have used this food for 26 years and have never looked back. It also helps their overall health as my dogs have lived long (17 years) and never have had any medical issues!! Nature’s Select is the best!! Thank you." - Holly Van Valkenburgh Beltier


"Happy Birthday, Nature's Select! I have been a customer for 19 years! Awesome products...my pets are happy and healthy."LaDoña Espi



Share Your Story with Us

Henry the Therapy Dog Golden Retriever with Bag of Dog Food

Do you have a Nature's Select story you'd like to share? Please email us your story and be sure to include your name, your location, your pet's favorite recipe, and how you originally heard about us. Don't forget to include a photo of your pets - we love seeing our happy customers! Email to info@naturesselectcorp.com

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