National Kitten Day

National Kitten Day

Today is #NationalKittenDay

Shoutout to all of the kitty cats across the is your day!

Reasons We Love Kittens:

  • They are ADORABLE
  • Their fur is so fluffy
  • Kittens are curious about anything and everything!
  • They are sweet and loving
  • Tiny kitten purrs...have you heard anything better?


If you are looking for a kitten to join your family, we highly suggest finding one through a local cat/kitten rescue or local animal shelter. There are SO many deserving felines looking for their forever home!

Find Adoptable Cats Near You

Do you have a kitty that you absolutely adore? Take a photo and tag us on Instagram! @naturesselectpetfood 

P.S. Don't forget to checkout our Select Feline Recipe for your beloved kitten! Start them off young on a healthy natural pet food. Perfect for cats of all ages and all breeds. Kitties LOVE Nature's Select! 


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