NEW Products Now Available

NEW Products Now Available


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We are so excited to announce the launch of our new canned food and freeze dried products!


We've had several questions about the benefits of freeze-dried food so let’s start with the basics! What is Freeze-Dried food? It’s a technique that preserves raw ingredients like fresh meat to deliver a complete dog food product that is safe, shelf stable, and lightweight. Freeze-Dried food is technically raw and has a ton of nutrients.


Freeze-Dried food provides minimally processed nutrition for dogs which appeals to pup parents seeking an addition to their dog’s kibble. Going above and beyond with flavor and taste, freeze-dried dog food can be used as a full meal for picky eaters, or a tasty meal topper for all dogs to add an element of variety to their meals. It is minimally processed, preserves the taste of meat ingredients, and preserves an ingredient’s nutritional value.


While there are several benefits of freeze-dried food, continue reading for a list of our new products and what we love most about them! 


About Our New Products:

 New Freeze Dried


Beef Taurine “Heart Strong” Meal Topper

Looking for something to spice up your dog’s mealtime in a healthy way? Our Freeze-Dried Beef Taurine “Heart Strong” Meal Topper was designed to do just that! This always-tasty meal topper has guaranteed levels of taurine and adds a simple and safe heart boost to your dog’s dry food.

Chicken “Hip & Joint” Meal Topper

Your dog’s day just got tastier! Our Freeze-Dried Chicken “Hip & Joint” Supplement Meal Topper is ideal for improving joint health throughout your pup’s body. It was designed to help improve and maintain mobility and whole-body comfort for all of your furry friends. The best part – Pets LOVE the taste!

Elk “Digestive” Meal Topper

Our delicious Elk “Digestive” Meal Topper was formulated to help support your dog’s digestive health with every tasty bite. Elk naturally works to improve your dog’s digestions and function and is also an anti-inflammatory that helps aid in good quality of life for dogs of all ages.

Chicken Meatball

Everyone loves a tasty treat! Our Chicken Meatball Treats deliver a boost of nutrition and delicious flavor that is hard to deny. We love Freeze-Dried treats because it locks in nutrients and flavor, giving your pup undeniable enjoyment.

New Canned Food 

Canned Food

 *Our signature canned dog food formulas have been enhanced for your dog's benefit! Note that the ingredients, guaranteed analysis, caloric information, and look/texture/color/smell may look slightly different than before - but don't worry, that's normal! We have switched to a new manufacturer for our canned food products to ensure your pet's health, safety, and nutritional value in mind.

Turkey & Sweet Potato Stew

Your dog will love our new Turkey Stew Recipe! This grain free formula is perfect for dogs who are sensitive to grains. Nothing says delicious like the taste of turkey, sweet potatoes and gravy – your dog will be licking his bowl clean.

Lamb & Rice Formula Pâté

Sometimes your dog needs a little something extra! Our new Lamb Pâté formula contains quality ingredients that are delicious, savory, and appetizing. Lamb is and always will be the #1 ingredient. This recipe has omega fatty acids to help promote healthy skin and coat.

Chicken Formula Pâté

It’s no secret that chicken is an excellent source of proteins for dogs. Your dog will always come running for our new Chicken Pâté formula! Nothing beats the delicious savory flavor of chicken.

Turkey and Salmon Dinner for Cats

Mealtime should be a feast for everyone! Our Turkey and Salmon Dinner for Cats gives them everything they need to stay looking and feeling their best. Our formula is enhanced with high levels of protein, antioxidants and healthy omegas. It’s whisker-licking good!


New NS Products 

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