Pet Allergy Season

Pet Allergy Season

Does your pet suffer from allergies? 

Whether it be seasonal allergies or food allergies, there are some important factors to keep in mind when evaluating your dog for allergies.

  • Remember to always take them to a vet if you think they are suffering from detrimental allergic reactions or health problems.
  • Does your dog drink water somewhere besides his water bowl? Make sure that they have fresh water at all times. If you have an outdoor dog, it is crucial you are refreshing the water & cleaning the bowl often to prevent algae or bacteria from growing inside.
  • Are you feeding them a new type of treat they maybe are not used to yet?
  • Is your dog eating table scraps and/or people food?
  • Does your dog tend to get into the trash and eat whatever is in there? They could be having an upset stomach or diarrhea from that.
  • Using the process of elimination, try to discover which food(s) are contributing to their discomfort.

Often times, dogs are allergic to a certain protein source or ingredient in their pet food. A majority of customers who call us worried about their dogs allergic reactions discover their dog is allergic to something in their food. That's where we can help!

Nature's Select offers a variety of pet food recipes that can fit your pet's needs, regardless of what they might be. Browse our recipes ideal for dogs with allergies by clicking here.

If you would like to schedule a pet care consultation to discover the best recipe for your dog's health needs, please email us:

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