Pet Food Patterns

Pet Food Patterns

Not sure how often you need to order Nature's Select Pet Food? We are here to help! Never run out of pet food again with these helpful tricks.

Discovering Your Pet Food Reorder Cycle

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Your Pet's Weight Matters

Before we figure out how much to feed your pet, let us first get his weight. How much does your dog weigh today? If you aren't sure, it is always a good idea to take your dog to the vet to get an accurate up-to-date measuring. You can also find a free scale at some of your local pet stores in your community.
If your pet is currently overweight or underweight, keep in mind that this will affect the ideal amount you should feed your pet daily.

How Many Scoops in a Bag?

30 lb bag = 120 cups of food
Every LARGE bag of Nature's Select Pet Food dry kibble contains 120 cups of dry dog food kibble. This is based on an 8 oz measuring cup size.
5 lb bag = 20 cups of food
Every SMALL bag of Nature's Select Pet Food dry kibble contains 20 cups of dry dog food kibble. This is based on an 8 oz measuring cup size.

Order Frequency

Most pet owners feed once or twice daily (morning and night feedings). If you feed your dog 2 cups in the morning + 2 cups at night, then you feed your dog 4 total cups per day. This means that (1) 30 lb bag of Nature's Select Pet Food will last you 4 weeks total. 120 total cups / 4 cups daily = 30 days
Proper Feeding
Depending on the breed, size, and activity level, the amount of feeding may vary from dog to dog. Preventing obesity and providing sound nutrition will help keep your dog healthy and fit.
  • Puppies - Up to 6 months of age can eat twice as much as an adult dog at the same weight.
  • Pregnant dogs - Eat 50% more than their usual amount during the last three weeks of pregnancy.
  • Lactating dogs - May need as much as 3 times more food than usual to meet energy demands along with greatly increased consumption of water.
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Need More Help?

Still need help understanding how much to feed your dog? Contact us to speak with a live pet care advisor, available weekdays 7am to 4pm PST (714) 993-5500. If you are running low on pet food, be sure to place an order 1 week in advance to make sure you don't run out of pet food! You can also check out our Pet Food Subscriptions to sign up for automatic deliveries of your favorite Nature's Select products.
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