Resolutions for Pets

Resolutions for Pets

Pets can pick New Year's resolutions, too! If your pet needs a little help finding some ideas, we put together this list to help you out a bit. Check it out below.

2021 New Year Celebration

New Year's Pet Resolution Ideas

  1. Go on more daily walks
  2. Chase more balls
  3. Play outside more often
  4. Take time to smell the flowers...and everything else for that matter
  5. Eat more tasty treats at any chance I can get
  6. Stay out of the trash, don't chew my master's shoes, etc.
  7. Find new cozy spots for nice naps
  8. Learn a new command to show off to my friends
  9. Follow squirrels to see where they go 
  10. Get more belly rubs and love on my humans as much as possible

Happy New Year! Cheers to 2021 - May it be full of health & happiness. 

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