5 Ways To Get Your Pups Ready For Fall

5 Ways To Get Your Pups Ready For Fall

Pumpkin Spice is officially out, the stores are packed with pumpkins and fall décor. While the weather may not agree, fall is upon us! To prepare for a new season, we pack up the previous one, redecorate, and change the candle scents, but how do you get your dog ready for fall?


These five basic steps will ensure that your dog has a safe, happy pumpkin-spice season.


Water – It’s really easy to remember to keep your dog’s water bowl full during the peak of summer when temperatures are scorching. For fall, don’t forget to keep the water bowl full too! As the temperatures drop lower, it’s easy to forget about, but our dogs still need to quench their thirst regardless of the weather!


Bed – Wood and tile floors can be the biggest blessing for your dogs in the summer, but in the fall and winter, as temperatures begin to drop, it can start to be a bit too chilly. We suggest pulling our your dog blankets and making a warm sleeping space for them, or finding them a nice and cozy dog bed so they can stay warm too!


Diet – You may have noticed that you dogs eat less in the summer months. In the fall and winter, they tend to eat more. This is because dogs use more energy keeping warm in colder weather. You may need to increase their food portions during fall and winter. Check with your vet to see if this is what’s right for you pup.


Shedding – We tend to think that shedding is only a problem in the spring and summer, but some dogs shed their summer coats in preparation for their winter coat. Brush daily or weekly, as needed.


Travel Prep – Finally, it’s never too early to line up a dog sitter for your holiday travel! Everyone gets busy during the holidays. The earlier you can book your favorite dog sitter, the happier your pup will be during the trips that you can’t bring them with you.

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