5 Ways to Have a Safe, Fun New Years Eve with Pets

5 Ways to Have a Safe, Fun New Years Eve with Pets


5 Ways to Have a Safe, Fun New Year’s Eve with Pets

Celebrating New Year’s Eve with pets can be a tricky thing to do especially if you pets do not like the loud noises. Loud noises are a huge trigger for a lot of dogs and unfortunately there are a lot of holidays that bring out the fireworks.

Check out the tips below to help you pets stay safe, remain calm, and have fun as you ring in the new year.


Give them a safe space.

Most of the fun from a New Year’s Eve Party comes from the glitter, sequins and noise makers, right?! Totally. Sadly, most pets are easily startled by the surprise noises and decorations. Always be sure to assess your individual pet’s reaction to all that noise and give them a safe, quiet space to escape to if they become overwhelmed. You may also find that playing some calming music may help, as well.


Keep the decorations pet friendly.

It’s important to keep pets from chewing or swallowing those streamers and glittery sprinkles. Decorations certainly create a festive New Year’s Eve ambiance, but they can tempt curious cats and dogs and cause unforeseen medical issues.


Keep hors d’oeuvres out of reach.

Pets are ALWAYS on the lookout for delicious, easy-to access snacks. It’s in their nature to want what smells good to them and who can blame them? We all want to eat good food, but household pets should not be eating the same things as us. We suggest having a trash in nearby so you guests can simply throw their plate away instead of leaving it an easy-to-reach area for your beloved pet.


Distract them with toys.

Name one pup that doesn’t love a new toy… You probably can’t. Making sure that they have a special new toy and some treats and chews to help distract them may be your saving grace.


Designate a point person.

Just as you would designate a driver on New Year’s Eve, think about designating a pet watcher to make sure your pet is having as much fun as you are.

This person will be responsible for keeping the animals safe and happy, taking them out for bathroom breaks, and ensuring that they have access to food and water. This will prevent any of these tasks from being forgotten in the hustle and bustle of party prep and celebrating.

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