August Fun

August Fun

Can you believe we are already entering the month of August? 

"August is like the Sunday of Summer" 

Time sure does fly when you're having fun during those long #dogdaysofsummer. Speaking of the dog days of summer...there are SO many fun, special days happening in August. If you are a fan of National Holidays - you know, the ones that celebrate anything and everything - be sure to continue reading to discover some really fun, sometimes random, holidays happening this month. Surely there is something in the list worth celebrating? Check it out for yourself below!


While that may seem like too many national holidays for the month of August, believe it or not that is only half of them! Check out the full list of August holidays here. We may be biased here, but any of the days that mention animals or good food will be the ones we look forward to the most.

Keep your eyes peeled for special blog posts highlighting those days throughout the month.

What are your fun plans for the month of August? Get outside, stay active, and create some #DogDaysofSummer memories with your pup!

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