Autumn Greetings

Autumn Greetings

Happy Fall, Y'all! We can't wait for the changing colors, crunchy leaves on the ground, the brisk morning walks, crisp air, and pumpkin spice everything. While this time of year has so much to look forward to, it's important to beware of the seasonal dangers that can arise for your pets. Read below for some fall safety tips to keep in mind for your pet this season.



Fall Doggies

Bring Pets Indoors

While outdoor activity is good for getting fresh air, make sure to not leave your pets outdoors for too long. It doesn’t have to be Winter for it to get cold--especially for puppies, senior pets and smaller animals. They deserve to be inside the warm house and enjoy time cozying up next to the fire with you.

Maintain Their Fur Coat

As the weather gets cooler, your dog will need his warm coat, too! If you typically shave your dog's fur coat during the summer, make sure to let it grow out for the colder months to ensure he stays warm all season long.

Keep Holiday Decor Out of Reach

With Halloween & Thanksgiving around the corner, decorations are everywhere around the house & on the front porch. Keep decorations out of reach (they look like fun toys to pets) and can be a choking hazard or toxic if eaten. Instead, buy them a festive new toy to play with for the holidays!

Looking for some festive fall inspiration to decorate? Find our pet-friendly decorating tips, Halloween costume ideas, and fall recipes on Pinterest.


Watch out for Anti-Freeze

Ingesting antifreeze is very dangerous for pets. Unfortunately, both dogs and cats have been known to lick this sweet tasting substance. Make sure to check your car for leaks and make sure all bottles are stored out of reach of pets.

Beware of Ticks

It’s still tick season and playing in the cool autumn leaves is one of the many ways your pooch could get them. Consider using a natural tick repellent to help protect your pet.

Check their ID Tags

This takes only 5 minutes of your time to make sure all your pet’s information is up to date and in proper order. Before you take them out Trick-or-Treating, it's important to know they have an updated ID tag, microchip, and well-fitted collar.

Prepare for Holiday Trips

As the holidays approach, most of us will get busier and possibly have to travel to visit family and friends. Be sure to plan ahead so you can make the holidays easier on you & your pets. Contact your favorite Dog Walkers (Check out WAG!) and Dog Sitters NOW to ensure you have someone available to take care of your pets when you're away from home.

Be Mindful of Human Treats

While this season brings lots of festive fall flavors and delicious food, it's important to know these are for humans to enjoy- not pets. Keep chocolate, alcohol, grapes, raw dough, and bones away from pets. Looking for festive fall treats? Find some easy homemade recipes here.


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