Canines & Cocktails Ep 07

Canines & Cocktails Ep 07

All of us at here at Nature’s Select are under the same pressures that you and your families are currently feeling during this time. Please know that we are doing all that we can to hold costs down; however, we are forced from our manufacturer to increase our prices this spring. Over the past two years, we have all had to tighten things up in all aspects of our lives. Being a small family business, we look where we can to find savings and where we can cut back in both our personal family life budget as well where we can cut back as a business for the benefit of our customers. One area that we refuse to cut back in, however, is in our overall quality and your pet’s nutritional needs.

Nature’s Select will never try to fool you with changing our bag sizes, shrinking content of the food itself, tampering with the recipes, and other foolish things many other pet food competitors have done over the last few years. We will never sacrifice the integrity of our pet food products, and as such will be truthful and just raise prices when it’s necessary to do so rather than trying to take shortcuts to our customers’ disadvantage.

This period of cost increases will change at some point - we have faith in that. We as a company and as Americans have faced trials and tribulations many times over the last few decades, but we have always made it through thanks to your ongoing support the past 28 years.

All of us at Nature’s Select hope for the very best for your families as a whole, but especially for your beloved four legged animals both big and small. When the dust settles, I hope that Nature’s Select can still be your go-to pet food provider moving forward. You should feel confident in choosing Nature's Select and please know that the food safety, ingredient quality, and value of our pet food will remain our top priority.

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