Customer Spotlight: K9 Asa

Customer Spotlight

K9 Asa on Instagram
Meet NS Dog K-9 Asa!

Say hello to real-life #NaturesSelectDog Asa! She is a Detection Dog for the Angel Stadium of Anaheim (Who's ready to go to a baseball game this spring? We sure are!) She works to keep Angel Stadium and those in attendance safe at all times during baseball games, concerts, monster truck rallies, supercross, and lots of other fun events. She's a Malinois with a lot of spunk and is SUPER athletic - she can even scale huge walls with ease and jump like it's no big deal. She loves her job and takes it *very* seriously!

Whenever she's not busy training & scaling walls or sniffing for bombs, she loves to hang out with her humans in her downtime at home. K9 Asa thrives on our Select High Protein Recipe and has done well on our products since last summer when she first discovered Nature's Select Pet Food! She had a litter of puppies last fall with our pal - Retired K9 Puskas of Santa Ana PD. And guess what? All her pups eat our food, too! Learn more about her below.

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Meet the Dog

Nature's Select Dog K9 Asa


Name: Asa

Breed: Malinois, Female

Age: 3 years (born 2-1-2018)

Weight: 76 lbs & Lean

Occupation: Dual Purpose K9

Athleticism: Can Clear 6ft Fence!

Fun Fact: Enjoys obstacle courses

Favorite Toy: Balls

Favorite Recipe: High Protein

Hometown: San Bernardino, CA

Instagram: @K9Asa

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