Dog Beach Safety

Dog Beach Safety

Heading to the beach for Labor Day Weekend? We are sharing our top safety tips for #NationalBeachDay in order to protect your pets while you enjoy some beach fun together. From sunrise to sunset, ensure your pet's safety in and out of the water this weekend. 


Water Safety - Remember that not all dogs are natural born swimmers. If your dog does not know how to swim, do not force him. It’s best to start in shallow water with his leash on until he gets comfortable. Keep the experience as positive as possible! Even if your dog is an expert swimmer, it's important to keep your eye on him and keep him within safe distance AT ALL TIMES. Beach waves are powerful and can happen in an instant.

Hot Sand - Beware! If it's too hot for you to walk on, chances are it's too hot for your dog, too. Wait to walk on sand until the temperatures are lower, in early mornings or late evenings, or simply invest in a good pair of dog booties to protect your dog's paws.

Stay Hydrated - Be sure to provide plenty of fresh water for your pup. The hot weather and beach day activities will tire him out quickly.

Pet Sunscreen - Yes, dogs should wear sunscreen! There are plenty of pet-friendly, natural sunscreens on the market. Do your research and find the best one for your dog. 

Come Prepared - Pick up after your pet. While this may seem obvious, please be mindful of other beach goers attending the beach with their pets. Bring extra poop bags and have common courtesy.

Leash & Collar - Always keep a collar on at all times with updated I.D. tags and a leash on at all times.

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*we hope you have a great holiday weekend full of fun, relaxation, and sunshine*

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