Dog-Friendly Apple Picking

Dog-Friendly Apple Picking

Crisp air, the autumn leaves are colorful and changing, and it’s finally time for your annual trip to the apple orchard! What's that you say - you've never been before? Then you absolutely need to take advantage of Fall's most beloved seasonal activities. Fortunately most apple orchards are dog-friendly, so if you plan on bringing your dog with you to enjoy the seasonal fun, keep these helpful tips in mind to ensure a great experience for all involved. Check them out below!


Dog-Friendly Apple Picking Tips

Apple Picking Family Adventure

Confirm the orchard IS dog-friendly ahead of time

Before your dog jumps in the car to come with you, please remember to do your research ahead of time. Give them a call, and check the websites of your local orchards and farms; most will have their pet policy posted.

    Bring a Leash & Supplies

    Always keep your dog leashed to comply with farm rules and for his/her safety, as there are many people, machines, and animals at orchards and farms. Bring a travel bowl for water, as temperatures may rise in the hot September sun in the fields.

    Watch Out for Sneaky Snacks

    There will likely be opportunities for your pup to grab a half-eaten donut or rotten apple off the ground which could cause GI upset, so pay attention and keep them close to you.

    Avoid Crowds If You Can

    Weekends are bound to be crowded with people during apple picking season, so pick your day wisely. Crowds can cause your dog to become anxious or overexcited. If you do go on a busy day, keep their leash short and tight to avoid unwanted meet-and-greets with strangers or children.

    Mind the Bugs

    Orchards and farms are a haven for bees, flies, and other insects that could be harmful to you or your pooch. Be cautious, especially around the bees, so that your dog won’t get stung!

    Keep Your Distance from Farm Animals

    Many farm animals won’t appreciate being barked at or harassed by a dog passing by. Keep some space between them, even if there is a fence, to prevent stress to the farm animals and to your dog.

    Continue the Fun at Home!

    If you can’t bring along your pup, the fun doesn’t have to end once you get home! After you’re done baking pies and other goodies, try out some pet treat recipes with all those apples you picked. Find inspiration here. Yum!

    And most importantly, have lots of fun! Explore the trails, take pictures, and see if your local orchard allows your dog to join you on a hayride or tour. Happy fall!


    Pet Friendly Apple Orchards

    Apple Picking Dog
    Here is a short list of farms and orchards where leashed dogs are allowed:




    New Hampshire:

    New York:


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    Tips and information sourced from: EthosVet

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