Fall Update to Customers

Fall Update to Customers

I want to take the time to share some positive news for our family brand of Nature’s Select Premium Pet Products with our dear customers. Kindly read on for an overview of where we are at and where we are headed going into 2024. 

As you all know we announced that changes were made for our business back in January 2023. Trusted family friends that we had done business with in the past for well over twelve years has built a state of the art, brand new manufacturing facility; however, it wouldn’t be ready until Summer 2023. That family chose to step up for us the beginning of the year and they took on the running of all Nature’s Select items in a very small 1 ton per hour pilot plant as a temporary plan of action. Our pet food had to be mixed and ground manually by a 3rd party to help us get by in the transitionary period until the brand new plant was up and running. This was not at all a perfect solution but it was truly the only way to keep our Nature’s Select dry food products made and available to our customers. Although the new plant construction took longer than originally anticipated, I’m happy to share we have finished the new plant in 22 months. A new chapter has started for our Nature’s Select brand as of August 2023!  

With the new plant, capacity will NEVER be an issue. The new plant can receive over 8 trucks per hour and with the addition of the 2nd line that has been purchased they can produce 2 trucks of pet food per hour. Everything we have done in the plant is top of the line, pristine, and efficient. The new hammer mills are grinding on a 3/64 screen whereas our prior mill was using a 4/64 or greater. The new extruder is fully computer controlled with an energy management valve which gives tremendous control over density in the product. In August 2023 we made the first batch of Nature’s Select recipes on the new line at the plant and let me tell you - there is not a more beautiful nugget being produced in the USA for dog food currently! We couldn’t be more proud of our product overall as we strive for improved pet food moving forward thanks to the new production of all our signature premium pet recipes. Enhancements to our already strong recipes over the next year will benefit the long term health of all of our dogs, from small breeds to large breeds.

Our new nutrition team is working closely on all of our Nature’s Select dry food formulas. They can write a book on nutrition advancements but to simplify it we are now looking at each and every macro and micro mineral in all formulas and formulating accordingly. The family at our new mill has invested heavily on the most state of the art lab and we honestly don't know of another pet food company that is testing finished products the way we are. Every lot number will be tested for every macro and micro mineral. We have wet chemistry protein analyzers along with NIR tests. We are also investing in equipment to test for percentage cooked in finished formulas. This is just a sample of the many improvements our customers will experience with our pet food being produced at our new plant. The main benefit is that Nature’s Select is now being produced by a private company that cares deeply about our family-owned business and the long term success of the brand. They do not prioritize profits but rather the quality of our pet food, period.

We thank you all for hanging in there with us, it truly means the world to our own Nature’s Select family. We’ve had to overcome so many hurdles since the spring of 2020 and we know you have many pet food options out there to choose from these days, so thank you for continuing to trust Nature’s Select as your top choice for your beloved pets. If you ever have any questions or feedback, please don’t hesitate to send it our way. Contact us weekdays Monday through Friday from 7am to 4pm PST. Call 714-993-5500 or send us an email at info@naturesselectcorp.com We love hearing from our customers and welcome the open discussion so we always know how we can improve and be the best pet food company possible for you. As a small family owned business, we pride ourselves in having top class customer service which is both friendly and professional. Pet Health and Customer Satisfaction is always our main goal.

Here’s to a great season ahead for Nature’s Select. We look forward to continuing to service your pets as we closely approach our 30th anniversary in 2024. It’s a pleasure to say we’re still around and better than ever before. Thank you for your patience with us as we navigated some rough waters the last few years. Finally, I thank you for your continued trust in our family brand. We wouldn’t still be here decades later without your ongoing loyalty. 


Paul Cavanaugh

CEO & Founder

Nature’s Select Premium Pet Products

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