Furry Valentine

Furry Valentine

Valentine's Day is coming up! Don't have a human valentine? No worries. Why? Because your pet totally counts as your valentine! If you have plans to stay in to celebrate this year, we got you and your pets covered. Check out some festive ideas below.


Homemade Valentine Treats

Making a tasty homemade sweet treat is always satisfying, so why not try your hand at this easy one safe to feed your pup? Check out the recipe here.

DIY Valentine Cards

Okay, so maybe pets can't exactly read or see in color...but YOU can! Make them a fun homemade Valentine Card to put in the memory book. Use their paw to help decorate the cover and cherish it as a forever keepsake. Or just have them sit by you while you make valentines cards for your friends & family afar. Get inspiration here on our Pinterest board!

Pet Movie Marathon

Snuggle up on the couch together under a warm blanket and put on some pet-themed movie classics! Our favorites? Homeward Bound, 101 Dalmatians, Secret Life of Pets, Lady and The Tramp, Marley & Me, and Ace Ventura Pet Detective (just to name a select few!) 

Festive Photoshoot

Dress up your pet, set up a cute backdrop, and take a nice photo of your pet for Valentine's Day! When in doubt, we love to just get a cute holiday toy and take a photo of them with it. Our favorite holiday themed toys are by ZippyPaws!

Valentines Doggos

Be sure to snap a photo of your furry valentine and tag us on Instagram! @naturesselectpetfood #NaturesSelectDogs

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