Introducing Canines & Cocktails

Introducing our BRAND NEW Series: Canines & Cocktails!

View the first episode with Nature's Select Founder & CEO, Paul Cavanaugh, and his daughter Megan discuss the humble beginnings of our company and beyond. You won't want to miss this fun exciting series - check it out below.
We love all of you and your continued interest in our family owned & operated business. We are continually asked by our followers to know more about our company’s background, learn more about our history, and discover insight about our dream team. So we are here to clue you in on what really goes on behind the scenes here at Nature’s Select Pet Food. In Episode 01 we take a trip down Memory Lane and talk about how the business started, challenges we’ve faced over the years, and why we love what we do - to continue to serve pet lovers all across the USA! So sit back, relax, pour yourself a “Zoomies” cocktail, and enjoy!

“The Zoomiez” Cocktail Recipe

• 2 oz Vodka • 3 oz Orange Juice • Ice
1. Get your favorite cocktail glass, we recommend a traditional rocks glass otherwise known as a lowball glass. 2. Fill glass about half way with ice. 3. Pour in 2 oz of your favorite vodka first, followed by 3 oz fresh orange juice. 4. Give it a good stir, top with a fresh orange wedge slice (optional) 5. Sip & Enjoy!
*Recipe Suggested For Adults 21+*