Knowing What to Feed Your Dog

Knowing What to Feed Your Dog


At Nature’s Select, we understand that every dog is different and not every dog can or should eat the same food. We’ve taken the time to ensure that all of our products are sourced from the freshest ingredients possible, as well as tailored to meet the needs of every pup. We are certain we have a recipe for everyone.


If you’re not sure what to feed your pup, take a look at what we’ve seen work with our customers over the course of 27 years.


The Puppy

Puppies require high calories, high fat, and high protein to help aide in their fast growth stages. They also eat multiple times a day. Our Select High Protein Recipe is the perfect way to kickstart your pup’s health and set them up for a lifetime of happiness.


The Sensitive Dog

Does your dog suffer from allergies? Skin issues like itching or scratching? Do they bite their paws or shake their ears often? Your dog could have an intolerance to a certain ingredient that can trigger unpleasant reactions, but don’t worry, we can help! For dogs with different sensitivities, we recommend our Select Cold Water Recipe. It’s simple, yet palatable recipe keeps your pup’s allergies at bay, without losing the taste dogs love.

The Active Dog

Do you have an overly active pup or a dog that has trouble keeping weight on? Then you’ll need a recipe that packs a punch! Our Select High Protein Recipe is a fan favorite amongst our customers with working dogs, like police K9s. They require more protein, fat and calories than an average family dog in order to perform their daily duties on the job. If your active dog is always on the go, participates in agility, or performs a daily job, he needs quality nutrition to keep going for hours or days on end.


The Gassy Dog

Oftentimes, dogs with gassy stomachs tend to thrive on a pet food without chicken as the main source of protein. Our Select New Zealand Recipe is ideal for dogs with allergies, digestive issues, skin sensitivities and beyond. Dogs absolutely LOVE the taste of easy-to-digest lamb and tend to do very well on this formula when they tend be on gassy.


The Meat Loving Dog

Is your dog a meat lover? Then our Select Multi Protein Recipe is the one for you! This recipe is a blend of beef, chicken, and pork. It’s an ideal choice for dogs who tend to be sensitive to rice. It is also a great option for large, muscular breeds who tend to be highly active.


The Overweight Dog

Let’s face it… No one likes to be on a restricted diet. However, it is sometimes necessary for our health and well-being. This is especially true for our beloved pups. Our Select Plus Recipe is the ultimate choice for overweight and senior dogs. It’s naturally low protein, low calorie, and low-fat recipe makes this formula the perfect go-to option for overweight dogs who tend to overeat. It’s also a great choice for senior pups with mobility issues because it contains added Glucosamine, which sustains healthy joint function, and is an excellent preventative for aging dogs.

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