March Madness

March Madness

New month, new things to look forward to! No matter how crazy, hectic, and "mad" March can become, there are so many things we enjoy about this time of year. Read below to see what we're excited about for March.


Girl Scout Cookies - While us humans go crazy for these little delicious treats, remember that dogs enjoy dog cookies all year round. Opt for a dog-safe option and avoid sharing your human cookies with your pets to keep them healthy and safe.

Daylight Saving - Set your clocks 1 hour ahead on Sunday, March 8th. While we are using an hour of sleep (boo) we are gaining more sunlight which means more activities (yay!) Warning: dogs do not understand the time change, so don't be surprised if they wake you up early for breakfast.

K9 Veterans Day - Every year we honor our K9 Veterans on March 13th. We respect and appreciate our working K-9 dogs.

St. Patrick's Day - Watch out for Leprechauns! The Luck of the Irish festivities occur on Tuesday, March 17th. While Coronavirus may be on its way to cancelling many large public gatherings and events, nothing can stop you from celebrating this festive holiday! 

Spring Equinox - Spring officially begins on Thursday, March 19th. Warmer weather is coming so soon! What do your pets love about the season of spring?

Puppy Day - Okay, okay, every day should be national puppy day....but puppies get their own *official* day on Monday, March 23rd.

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