National Mutt Day

National Mutt Day

July 31st is #NationalMuttDay!

Who says pure breeds have all the fun? 

Mutt: A mongrel, mixed-breed dog or mutt is a dog that does not belong to one officially recognized breed and is not the result of intentional breeding. Estimates place their numbers at 150 million animals worldwide. Although the term "mixed-breed dog" is preferred by some, many mongrels have no known purebred ancestors

Mutts are dogs who are a mixture of many different breeds or that their mixture of breeds is unknown. Nevertheless, these mystery dogs are super cute, possess unique features and qualities, and have very interesting markings all their own...not to mention one of a kind personalities!

Do you have a mutt you love? Tag us in your pet photos using #NaturesSelectDog to be featured on our Instagram: @naturesselectpetfood

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