Product Update

Product Update

Read below to find an important update regarding some of our products.

Retiring A Recipe

We wanted to take the time to address some updates regarding our Nature's Select product line. We have come to the decision to discontinue one of our grain free products: Range Hearty Recipe. Our Grain Free Range Hearty recipe will officially be discontinued this fall. This is due to inconsistent low sales and minimal production over the last two years causing dates on this product to not be as recent and fresh as we'd like them to be. This is our slowest moving Nature's Select formula of the three grain free options. By choosing to discontinue this recipe, it will allow our other grain free options to have fresher dates through more consistent food production overall which will benefit our customers immensely.

Goodbye Range Hearty

Some of our Nature's Select Distributors are already out of stock of this item; however, you are welcome to buy Range Hearty Recipe with us on our website which is currently still available, while supplies last. If you need assistance placing an order, give us a call 714-993-5500 or send us an email to

New Product Alert

With all that said - we also will be finally releasing a BRAND NEW canned dog food product option to our Nature's Select customers later this fall. This comes after we have discontinued our Canned Turkey Dog Food earlier this year and will be a replacement option. We hope to share more information with you all by next month's newsletter...stay tuned for more exciting details coming soon.

We welcome any feedback for future product development. Contact us weekdays 7am to 4pm PST.

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