New Puppy 101

New Puppy 101

Getting a puppy for Christmas is SO exciting. It's emotional, joyous, and sweet. Never experienced it for yourself? Watch the video below and try your best not to cry!

Whether Santa surprises you for the holidays or you plan on adding to your family in the new year, here's everything you need to consider before getting a new puppy. 


Ready for the responsibility?

Having a new puppy is not some small feat. Puppies require a lot of attention, 24/7. They need to be watched at all times to avoid accidents, trained properly early on to avoid bag behavior, house broken, and properly socialized so that they are comfortable around other people, dogs, and children. Having a puppy is a large responsibility that you have to be willing to take on 100%.

Are you prepared?

Preparing for a puppy before they even arrive takes a lot of work. Just like you have "child proof" a home before the baby comes, you have to do the same for a new puppy. You need to make sure you do not have anything sharp, dangerous, or fragile that a new puppy can get into. Especially during Christmastime, there are plenty of holiday decorations that can pose as a choking hazard to a new puppy. Be mindful of your decor and keep items away from their reach. Your puppy WILL find all the nooks and crannies to explore... behind furniture, under the tables, between the couch, etc. You can't say we didn't warn you!

Can you afford it?

Believe it or not, a new puppy can be quite expensive, especially if you buy directly from a trusted breeder. If you desperately want a young puppy, try looking at your local shelters. There are so many puppies looking for a loving home, and pet adoption is a much less expensive route to go. Read more about Why Pet Adoption Matters and why you should consider pet adoption first before buying a puppy from a breeder. 

Do you have the patience? 

Potty training a new puppy is a full-time job in and of itself, so you need to make sure you have a lot of patience in the beginning stages of puppyhood! During their first few months, puppies are like newborn babies: they will make you tired, busy, devoted, frustrated, and did we say sleepy?! Just know that it won't be like this forever. Putting in all the hard work now will pay off in the long run. 

If the above topics do not intimidate you, then you are probably ready for a new puppy in your life. If there were certain questions you had a hard time answering, maybe it's best you wait for awhile before adding a new furry family member to your home. Maybe in a year things will be different and you will be ready!


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