Pet Firework Safety

Pet Firework Safety

Independence Day is right around the corner and you know what that means…Fireworks are EVERYWHERE and your pets may be acting nervous. Prevent their anxiety as much as you can by reading below for information on how you can prepare your pets for all the inevitable fireworks happening all over the country this week. Find the tips below.


-Do your best to keep pets inside your home at all times! If this isn't possible, make sure you keep them on a sturdy leash near.
-Give them a safe place to hide and offer them a "safe space".
-Mask out the noise as much as you can, and make them feel comfortable. Provide their favorite blanket, toys, comfy bed, and plenty of fresh water.
-Update their IDs and microchips just in case they run outside.
-Entertain them and/or keep them busy if possible.
-Play soft music in the background if you have to leave them at home, or leave on the television so they can have something to listen to as background noise. Check out this YouTube channel that plays soft music designed to relax your dog here.
-If you leave them at home, make sure doors & windows are locked so they can not get out if they do happen to get scared!
-If needed, speak to your veterinarian for medication options. CBD products could be a solution for both dogs and cats and are becoming more popular than ever with tons of options to choose from to help ease pet anxiety related to fireworks. 

    Did you know that nearly one-in-five lost pets goes missing after being scared by the sound of fireworks, thunderstorms or other loud noises? It is far too common for dogs to go missing on Independence Day because of all the indoor/outdoor activities and of course the inevitable fireworks. Remember that July 1st is National ID Your Pet Day, which serves as an annual check-in to make sure your pets’ identification tags and microchip information is up to date. Check out this helpful infographic courtesy of the ACPCA for more info.

    Happy 4th of July! Celebrate safely everyone.

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