Spring Update from our CEO

Spring Update from our CEO

To Our Valued Customers:

Well here we are almost to April already - time is flying by in our 30th year as a family owned business. Back in January, my daughter Megan & I shared with you all the exciting news that we were in the process of moving our pet food production to a new, state-of-the-art manufacturing plant facility. The new plant’s construction is nearly complete and will be fully operational by June 2023, just a couple short months from now. See below for a recent aerial photo taken of the plant just last week. It’s a beautiful location which will soon be producing the best kibble in town (in my very humble opinion!)

Our New Mill

In the meantime, Nature’s Select Premium Pet Products are currently being produced temporarily in their smaller facility for the time being while the main plant is being finished. Our pet food recipes are currently being made on a smaller extruder which requires a team of people to manually run the formulas by hand, as well as manually bag the finished products and get them ready to be shipped across the country to our distributors. 

Once the main plant is completed our Nature’s Select pet food recipes will be made via a fully-automated process with top of the line equipment. 

When this happens you will notice our kibble size become more consistent as well as lighter in color similar to how it was before we made the switch this past winter. The darker kibble you’re noticing now is caused by the manual production process which again is just temporary; it has nothing to do with our ingredients or quality. In fact the overall quality of our pet food has improved drastically with many of you alerting our team saying your dogs are loving the newest batches of pet food with better palatability and heartier appetites! With that said though, please understand our formulations have not changed on our pet food recipes. Rather, some of the changes in this transition included going back with suppliers we preferred and have done business with in the past which in turn have improved our ingredient quality to be even better than before. Superior meat proteins, complex minerals, selenium yeast, prebiotics & probiotics all work together to optimize your pet's health. Nature's Select remains a 5-star rated recall-free pet food and continues to offer award-winning nutrition to our customers. Our commitment to excellence & dedication to food safety remains steadfast to ensure the best pet food possible.

I speak for myself, for my own family and for my distributors across the country when I say we are feeling blessed to be back with a family-owned facility who we had the pleasure of doing business with for almost 15 years. They are a team of honest people and their methods have been tried and true, fully trusted and backed by us here at Nature’s Select. Our prior manufacturer was previously founded by this team of good people but was sold a few years ago to an investment firm which is what caused us to begin researching other options in the first place. We were thrilled to hear that our old friends were going to be back in business building a brand new plant and we couldn’t wait to get on board their new venture.

I’d like to say once more that it’s a true honor to have you continue to choose our family brand to feed your pets for nearly 30 years. We remain family-owned and operated since day one. We will always strive to deliver only the best quality pet food products through personalized, friendly customer service. It’s a pleasure to be your trusted pet food provider and I thank you for your longtime loyalty and support.

Lastly, please feel free to contact us directly with any questions or concerns you may have or simply to say hello. Your feedback means the world to us and we are always happy to assist your needs and ensure you are satisfied with our products and our service.

Thank you for your ongoing patience and understanding as we navigate through this transition. It truly is for the best and will allow us to grow without sacrificing quality. I’m looking forward to the future for our brand - it’s only up from here!

Paul Cavanaugh

Founder & CEO

Nature’s Select Premium Pet Products

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