Summer Eating Habits

Summer Eating Habits

"Why does my dog eat less in the summertime?"

Such a great question! And a very common question from our Nature's Select customers this hot time of year.

While a dog's appetite varies on many different factors, the most common for less eating during the summer months is due to heat. Dogs do not burn as many calories if they are inactive during the day if it's super hot outside, therefore are not as hungry. It's completely normal for a dog to eat less during the summer months - no need to panic!

Remember to provide your pet with access to fresh, clean water at all times, in addition to giving them a cool dry shady spot to escape the heat if you will be gone during the day. We recommend an acrylic dog bowl, as steel or metal bowls heat up too fast causing their water to get too hot and lead to bacterial growth. Wash out their bowl once a day at least and fill with fresh water as they need it. It's important to ensure your pet is never dehydrated! A great way to get your dog to drink more liquids is to freeze ice pops into a cute mold in your freezer and give to your dog as a fun summer treat. You can also do some mashed up watermelon for a seasonal spin, too.

Of course if a dog's appetite changes drastically overnight, stops eating completely, or you notice other signs such as lethargy, limping, loose stool or no bowel movements, that may mean it could be something more serious. If you are ever doubtful, contact your local vet for a checkup to look into it further. 

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