Surviving Winter with Your Pup

Surviving Winter with Your Pup


Winter in most of the US can mean shorter days, bad weather, freezing temperatures, and bored pets. Those dreary winter days can start to seem endless if you don’t find a way to mix it up and keep your dog occupied. Often times, bored pets will act out and an active dog that is cooped up indoors can start to perform unwanted behaviors.

Signs that your dog is bored.

Your dog has become destructive 

When dogs get bored, they seek to entertain themselves. Unless you provide your dog with plenty of stimulation during the day, they might try to find their own. This most often results in things like chewing shoes, getting into the trash, and digging into the carpet.


Your dogs follows you everywhere

Some dogs, when they’re bored, will follow their owners from room to room all day long. If you find yourself tripping over your dog or bumping into them every time you turn around, they might be trying to tell you that they need more attention. After all, you are their main source of entertainment.


Your dog actively seeks your attention

While some dogs will silently stick to your heels while trying to relieve their boredom, others will not be as quiet about their unhappiness. If your dog is whining or barking, you might want to start thinking of some ways to relieve their boredom before the start getting into unnecessary trouble.


Tips for Stimulating Your Dog

Get outside when you can

Taking your dog outside for regular walks and playtime is the best way to keep them healthy and happy in the winter. If your dog has a hard time in the cold, bundle them up just as you would yourself. Winter vests, jackets and booties are a great way to get your pup ready for those cold winter walks. This will allow them to jump around in the snow without freezing.


Make the indoors fun 

Even for dogs who love to go outside in the winter, some days are just too cold. On days like these we recommend finding a good chew toy or a toy that stimulates their mind. There are also plenty of ways to stay active with your pup while indoors. Every dog loves a good game of tug-o-war, right?! 

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