The Best Ways To Spend Fall With Your Dog

The Best Ways To Spend Fall With Your Dog

It's that time of year again! Break out the light jackets, put your best boots on, and don't forget to enjoy everything pumpkin spice. If you ask us, Fall is our favorite because it's the best time to spend outdoors with our beloved pups.



There's only one time a year where we can overindulge in pumpkin and pumpkin spice, and that time is now. Wouldn't it be nice if you were baking fantastic foods that you were also making your dog some festive snacks as well? Try making them some Pumpkin Dog Treats or Sweet Potato Dog Chews. They will love them!


Let's face it besides pumpkin spice. The second thing that comes to mind in the fall are pumpkin patches! The age-old tradition of finding the perfect pumpkin is timeless, and now there are even dog-friendly pumpkin patches you can visit. Check out your local area for pumpkin patch locations!



Fall weather is absolutely the best weather a person and their dog could ask for. The cooler weather means longer walks and explorations with your favorite fur friend. We recommend researching your area's best dog-friendly hiking trails or parks and then planning a day that you can enjoy the fall breeze and pack along with some fall snacks. Remember to consider your dog's activity level when planning. If your dog doesn't usually get long walks, you might want to take extra breaks and make sure they are comfortable during your adventure. 



To keep it simple, we LOVE photoshoots. There is no better way to capture a moment or season than with a themed photoshoot!


Here are just four steps to a successful fall photoshoot with your dog: 

  1. Look at your outfit: Breakout the flannel and your boots, preferably ones that match your dog's coat.
  2. Pick an excellent fall location: Choose a place like an orchard, pumpkin patch, or hiking trail.
  3. Scope out great poses on Pinterest. You can't go wrong when you plan for photos.
  4. Have a friend photograph you and your pup.



With fall comes Halloween, and with Halloween comes cute costumes! Whether you're the creative queen or a savvy shopper, Halloween is your time to shine. Instead of the typical 'couples costume,' how about pairing up with your dog for a costume? If your pup doesn't feel comfortable wearing costumes, you can always create something small like a bow and play off of that.



Enjoying the fall season is easy with our fur friends by our side. Remember to take lots of photos and take in every pumpkin spice moment you possibly can. When your pup needs a break from your homemade pumpkin treats, give them a strawberry, mint, or lavender macaroon that offers a long-lasting chew and is made of 100% all-natural human-grade ingredients. Fall was intended for enjoying treats and getting cozy!

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