The Original SoCal Pet Food

The Original SoCal Pet Food

Did you know that Nature's Select Pet Food is the ORIGINAL pet food delivery company in Southern California? It's true! We were the first pet food delivery company out of Southern California. Yes, way before Amazon, Chewy, and DoorDash.

Nature's Select Pet Food Delivery

"The original pet food delivery company of Southern California"

The original socal pet food delivery company


Back in 1994, our founder Paul Cavanaugh wanted a healthier pet food alternative for his then cocker spaniel dogs, Maddie & Daphne. They always had constant ear problems, infections, shaky ears, and more. After he grew tired of the vet only giving medication to help lessen symptoms rather than fix the issues, he started to research more about pet health and nutrition and Paul's Pet Food Delivery Express was born out of Placentia, California. He would deliver the pet food himself out of his local "Paul's Pet Food" van all across Orange County, and quickly expanded his business across the state and later across the continental US. 

Socal pet food

Looking to discover a healthy pet food alternative? Want the convenience of FREE home delivery? Try a free sample of pet food today. Nature's Select Customer Service Phone Number is 714-993-5500

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