Veterans Day

Veterans Day

As you celebrate Veterans Day today, remember all those who served our country and sacrificed everything to give us our freedom. We are so thankful to all those who have given their life and made the ultimate sacrifice for us. Forever thankful for this beautiful country we live in and the freedoms we get to enjoy daily. 

Be sure to check out the new movie, To Be of Service which is out today on Netflix. Artist Jon Bon Jovi made an exclusive song, "Unbroken" for the movie's soundtrack, with all proceeds going towards our friends at Patriotic Service Dog Foundation

It is our hope that viewers will glean from this film a deeper understanding of the life-long impact that war can have on the lives of veterans. And, in this complex and fraught world in which our leaders contemplate the possibility of war, that they will always view it as a last resort.  

Learn more about the amazing work they do training service dog for U.S. Veterans by visiting their website Remember that whatever you do today, be sure to thank a U.S. Veteran who has served our country.

Happy Veterans Day!

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