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Does your dog suffer from allergies? Skin issues such as itching or scratching? Do they bite their paws or shake their ears often? Your dog may have an intolerance to a certain ingredient that can trigger unpleasant reactions. Don't worry - we can help!

Dogs with white fur or pink skin, Purebreds, and specific breeds are known to have certain allergies. We can help you uncover these triggers and discover a solution.

If your dog consistently has loose stool or tends to be overly gassy, then it most likely means she has digestive issues or may have a sensitive tummy overall.

If your dog tends to shake her ears, bite her paws, or constantly scratch, she very well may be allergic to a certain ingredient or group of ingredients.

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Overly Sensitive Dogs

Our selection of freeze dried products are ideal for dogs who suffer from allergies and need something simplified.

Sensitive Dogs

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Even with the ideal pet food recipe, some dogs require extra help with supplements. Discover additional solutions below.

Customer Reviews

"Corgis tend to be a bit gassy so I need something for my extra sensitive tummy. I love the Nature's Select New Zealand Recipe! The lamb is easy on my stomach and my stinky gas has gone away."

— Dory the Corgi

"While I love meat, I tend to do better on a fish-based pet food. My skin and coat look amazing and I get compliments all the time about how shiny my coat is!"

— Vixen the Rescue Dog

"I’m really picky with food + have some allergies (watery eyes & hotspot patches) but since switching to Nature's Select I’m always ready to eat & the watery eyes have gone away! Bonus points: my teeth are cleaner, my stinky breath is gone & my poops are healthier!"

— Bane the Picky Eater

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